Starting my last practicum

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I have started my last practicum at the nephrology unit at surrey memorial hospital. Not only is this unit a bit different from the other units I have worked on, but also the staff dynamics is different. Even though the patients in this unit are acute care patients, they need special care in a sense that they are dialysis patients. Patients on this ward mostly have a diagnosis as renal failure and there are special nurses who are trained for dialysis who work here. 

For the first few days working here was practically normal. We just shadowed the nurses working on the ward and got used to the routine of things. On the second day we were assigned our own patients. We were able to give them medications as long as we knew our main checks and what each medication was used for.

Working with a patient who has end stage renal failure was very different for me. I got to see how a person would go for dialysis. I noticed that the unit was very advanced. The rooms have their own vital signs machine and necessary equipment built inside. The rooms have their own TV and computers that will be in use once electronic records come into play.

The team work on this unit is exceptional. By this I mean, if someone needs help others are ready to help them. This allows better care for the patients and allows the nurses to not get overly tired by the end of the shift. Another great aspect to this ward is the care aids. Unlike other units I have done my practicum on the care aids here are exceptional. Without their help I don’t think the ward could run smoothly as it does. It’s wonderful to see a team of interdisciplinary members working together for the benefit of the patients.

In my other experiences I did not get to see the doctor or the Pt or the OT, but on this ward I got to see each team member huddling around in the morning during rounds talking about patients needs in order to get them home safe and healthy.

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