Building a New Life in Canada

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Starting a new life in Canada can be very difficult and somewhat frustrating. Initially you may see the not-so-bright side of Canada and may decide to return home.

As an Optometrist in my home country of Nigeria, I had been running an independent practice for 15 years and was able to build a very good brand, while employing two other Optometrists and four support staff. Before leaving for Canada, I read so much about the country and was convinced it was a wonderful place to begin a new life. However, I also knew that I would have to start my career all over again, since my academic qualifications are not recognized.

I was first introduced to Career Connect, while reading an article about one of the founders. I could feel the compassion in every word and I made up my mind to attend. Thank God I did because Career Connect has presented opportunities not just for me but for my entire class. Over the past two months I have learnt a lot from my instructors and all of this knowledge will no doubt be valuable as I move forward.

Career Connect graduate

I want to say that I have been taught by two of the most compassionate and caring instructors in my lifetime. Verlynn and Mark stopped at nothing short of helping me discover who I am, the incredible things I am good at and how best to achieve my goals. I am now very much aware of the Canadian culture, the working environment, employment laws, my rights and obligations and most of all how to be successful at a job interview. Little wonder two of classmates were able to get a new job while in the program.

Now that I have found my direction, everything is looking clearer and more attainable, and I am ready to embrace my new career thanks to the confidence bestowed on me by Career Connect.

I also met the most incredible classmates of my lifetime who are all very loving, caring and supportive.

Career Connect grads

We were able to build a family, a home away from home, a safe haven where we could pour out our heart without inhibition. To Rajeev, Amira, Pritam, Rochelle, WooJin, Nimfa, and Ana, you will always be in my heart; the bond we created will never be broken. I appreciate you all.

Finally to Verlynn and Mark, I remain forever grateful. Both of you radiate love from inside. Your excellent teaching skills, and positive personalities were able to bring out the best in me. I always looked forward to coming to class everyday. In your unique style, both of you were able to model all the script you taught making the class a fun filled one. Your ability to turn a dry topic to fun was second to none. I appreciate your time, attention to detail, your patience and above all your strong commitment to the program.

Thank you for coming out with a program like Career Connect. All the time and effort you put in developing the curriculum was worth it and it has benefited me so much and I believe it will help so many other people in the future.

Career Connect has changed my perspective on life. I am ready to soar like an eagle and pursue my career. I am also grateful to Stenberg College for their interest in human development and training. Their kindness will always be remembered. Thank you so much and God bless you all.

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